Miss Congeniality
Mini Miss – Woman

One of the most important awards given to one contestant in the Cinderella Mini Miss to Woman division is the Congeniality Award. The Congeniality Winner is selected by the other contestants as the friendliest and most cooperative participant during pageant weekend.

Voting will take place Saturday evening.

Cover Girl

The Cinderella Cover Girl award was designed to give special recognition to participants whose photos appear on additional advertising pages. A separate panel of judges will select a winner in each age division prior to the pageant. Judging will be based on the participant’s photogenic beauty and personality, photographic creativity and the quality of the photograph. Participants may enter as many photos as they desire so long as they appear on an additional full page of advertising that they have purchased in the souvenir program book. The winning photograph in each age division will appear on the special Cover Girl page in the front section of the program book. These winners, along with the other contestants who are also vying for the Cinderella Cover Girl title, will also be eligible to win the Community Support Award for the participant selling the most advertising.  Pages are $150 each and each contestant is asked to sell at least one page.

Peoples Choice

One Week Prior to the pageant, all contestants will be featured on our website. Friends and Family will be able to vote for their favorite contestant. Votes are $1. Voting will end Saturday night at 10pm. Winner will receive a beautiful gift and cash prize.


The Photogenic Girl competition is an important part of the Cinderella Pageant. It was designed to give recognition to those young ladies with special photographic qualities and creativity and has become a valuable asset to those participants seeking careers in the modeling industry. The Photogenic Girl in each age division will be selected on the following basis: Photographic beauty, captured personality or mood, composition and the technical quality of the photograph.

Photographs should not include trophies, crowns or banners won at a previous pageant. Also, the participant should take care that the photo is a recent one and that it closely resembles the participant as she will look during her Pageant competition (i.e. age, hair style/color, etc) Please remember that the judges use these photos not only for the Photogenic Competition but also as a reference tool during their deliberations. While Cinderella makes every effort to return the Photogenic Photos before the end of the pageant, the pageant cannot be held responsible for any photo that is lost or damaged.

Cinderella Souvenir Exchange

A memorable part of the Cinderella pageant is the exchanging of souvenir gifts with other participants. You will need to bring a minimum of 60 gifts for the participants, staff, judges and the reigning queens. These souvenir gifts are tokens of friendship from you and your area and may be donated to you by your city, state, Chamber of Commerce or the merchants of your area. They SHOULD NOT be expensive; however, they may not be brochures or literature of any kind. Simple, small, and thoughtful items are desired and will be treasured. Each gift should be personalized with your name, title and best wishes (NO ADDRESSES, PLEASE). 
Upon arrival, the gifts should be taken to your room for storage until time for distribution. Bring a sample souvenir gift with you to turn in during registration. Gifts will be distributed by the chaperones prior to the special “Souvenir Party” listed on the schedule. 
Use your imagination in preparing your souvenir gifts. We have found that the ideas are limitless. Some of the best gifts in the past have actually been made by the participants and their families. Remember, it is not the expense of the gift that is important, but rather the thought behind the gift that really makes it meaningful. Come on and join in the fun and help make this year’s souvenir gift bags the most clever and creative in our history. Your souvenir gift is NOT a scored part of the competition.

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The adjudication at the Cinderella International Finals is always of the highest quality with an experienced panel of judges using a point and consultation system. The judges’ decision is always final and no posting of ballots or rating is permitted. We do not provide score sheets or comments. Please do not ask the Judges for personal comments after the pageant as they are NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE PERSONAL CRITIQUES. 

All participants compete in Interview, Party dress (formalwear for Cinderella Teen and Cinderella Woman participants) and Casualwear… thus making them eligible for all Cinderella Beauty awards. Those participants who also compete in talent (onstage interview for the 3-6 age division) will also be eligible for the Overall Titles and Talent Awards (Tot Personality Award for the 3-6 age division). All participants will introduce themselves at the microphone during their Casualwear presentation. The judges will NOT be searching for a “miniature adult” in the children’s divisions. Likewise, the judges will NOT be looking for a “college-age” prototype in the teen division. The Cinderella Scholarship Program is looking for a natural, wholesome type of winner to carry the official Cinderella international title. The International Talent Winner, Tot Personality Winner and Beauty winners will be selected from the preliminary rounds of competition and do not have to be one of the Top Ten Semi-Finalists. The judges will select a Top Five in each age division to re-compete in the final night show for the selection of the International Overall Winners.

Pageant Standards

Artificial hair and false eyelashes are not allowed in the Cinderella 3-12 age divisions, unless it is the result of a medical necessity (i.e. illness, chemotherapy, etc.). This does not apply to talent presentations. Please note the judges have been instructed to use discretion in determining whether a participant has violated this rule and if such artifices are immediately discernible to the judges’ panel, the contestant may be disqualified. Cosmetic dentistry is permissible. The use of cosmetics is allowed in all age brackets; however, makeup MUST be appropriate for the participant’s age category.

PLEASE NOTE: Tots MAY NOT wear makeup for Interview! Heavier makeup may be worn under strong stage lights. A “standard of modesty” must be maintained throughout the pageant (includes casualwear, talent and party dress / formalwear competition and casual wear around the event). Garment removal is not allowed on stage in modeling. Props, such as tennis rackets, hats, purses, etc., are not allowed in modeling presentations, but are acceptable in talent presentations if the item is necessary for the talent being presented. In Talent, the prop must be USED in the routine and CANNOT simply be a piece of decoration or scenery. 
NOTE: Your grooming, manners, and interaction with other contestants are important at all times. Your pageant week wardrobe (other than your presentation garments) should be casual… but neat! DO NOT over dress for informal occasions. HAVE FUN!